Lincoln Dix - A young professional making a difference

A Big Brother for over two years, Lincoln is not only a volunteer and match maker for BBBSCI but a supporter through his business, Origami Floral and an advocate through his involvement in the Des Moines community. Lincoln also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, Animal Rescue League and Young Professionals Connection.

Lincoln, a dedicated father of three, manages leadership roles and business commitments and still makes time to have quality hang out time with his Little Brother, Daniel. Together they have enjoyed movie marathons, painting, shooting hoops and going swimming. Lincoln has taken Daniel to the Des Moines Art Festival, CelebrAsian and World Food Festival. They’ve gone fishing, attended the ballet and ridden bikes at Grays Lake.

Lincoln says one of his goals is to give Daniel experiences and exposure to cultural events that he has never had before. They have tried new foods like sushi, Vietnamese, Bosnian and Ecuadorian cuisine. Lincoln and Daniel recently made s'mores over a fire, something Daniel had never done before.

In addition to being a match maker, Lincoln has supported BBBSCI as a Bowl For Kids’ Sake sponsor through Origami Floral, a small business where he creates beautiful, hand-made origami bouquets, perfect for a special gift. Lincoln is a great advocate and volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa, and he is a young professional making a difference, daily, in his community and in the life of his Little Brother Daniel.