Changing lives for the better, forever.

Big Brother Adam and Little Brother Ben have been matched for seven years. During that time, they have attended numerous sporting events and spent lots of time outdoors. And even most recently, Ben was a part of Adam’s wedding.

Ben and Adam were first matched when Ben was just eight years old. Ben’s parents were divorced, so his mom enrolled him into BBBSCI programs to have another adult male figure in his life who could give him some “guy time.” Ben’s mom, Suzanne, feels like it has been a great experience for him. “I couldn’t ask for a better role model,” she says.

Now, Ben is fifteen and growing all the time. Adam says he has enjoyed watching Ben journey from a kid to a young adult. “I feel Ben’s self-confidence has increased over the years,” says Adam, “and he is very outgoing.” Adam says, “spending time with Ben reminds [him] of the important things in life, and helps relieve the stress of daily life.”

Adam first signed up to be a Big Brother to volunteer in a way that would help a younger generation. “To be able to make such a large impact in someone's life,” says Adam, “especially as they mature into adulthood, seemed to be a great opportunity and has continued to surpass my expectations.”
The two have developed a passion for golfing, and love spending time at the driving range. Adam has loved watching Ben learn the game, and is happy to see that he even plays golf with his Dad and grandparents. Whatever Adam and Ben are doing, they feel like family. They go on outings just the two of them, and they go on outings with Ben’s mom, sister and Adam’s wife.

Ben has become a part of Adam’s family, so much so that he attended and participated in Adam’s wedding this spring. The wedding took place in Sedona, Arizona, where Ben stood up with the wedding party and also read the prayers. It was a small wedding and Ben had a large role.
“My experience as a Big Brother has been great,” says Adam. “I get just as much out of this relationship as Ben and he is truly my little brother.” It's these types of relationships that are changing lives, for both mentor and mentee, for the better forever.

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