21 years of a life changing friendship

Kelly Meany was 7 years old when she was first matched with her Big Sister Jennifer. Now 26, Kelly still meets with her role model and friend regularly. Jennifer was 24 when she was matched with Kelly, and she has been a large part of Kelly’s life ever since. Jennifer attended Kelly's violin recitals and Kelly was a junior bridesmaid in Jennifer's wedding. Jennifer changed Kelly’s life for the better, forever and now Kelly wants to do the same for a little sister of her own.

Kelly signed up to be a Big Sister back in September. Kelly was looking for a Little Sister that loved to spend time outdoors and would be open to a long lasting friendship, just like the one that she and Jennifer share. Kelly has been meeting with her Little Sister Nevaeh for the past 5 months. Nevaeh is 7 years old, and she likes to read, play games and dance. The two have enjoyed a picnic at Gray's Lake, bowling and games at Incredible Pizza. They have carved pumpkins, played Wii and gone to see FROZEN. “We have loved just hanging out and getting to know each other,” says Kelly.

Kelly still sees Jennifer regularly. She plans to set up an outing with Jennifer and Nevaeh to form “3 generations” of friendship and bonding. Kelly is striving to be the positive influence in Nevaeh’s life that Jennifer was in hers. The time she spent with Jennifer has not only impacted her life, it will also continue to impact the life of Neveah.

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